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BlackBerry Application Development

When it comes to staying connected on the move, there is nothing better than a smartphone. Today 's executives lead fast paced lives and are required to have access to important emails and data, when on the move. The BlackBerry range of smartphones has proved to be the preferred communication device amongst professionals today. This is because it provides secure, wireless access to a host of business applications, including email, corporate data, phone, and SMS.

At RSK Business Solutions, London, we strive to create the best applications for BlackBerry users. Our excellence in the domain of BlackBerry Application Development has proved to be extremely beneficial for our partners and clients alike. We understand there are two distinct ways in which applications can be developed for a Blackberry smartphone:

  • Using the Java Development Environment (JDS), or
  • Research In Motions? (RIM) MDS

A Java based application is more suitable when you require the application to run independently of a BlackBerry solution. MDS on the other hand, is more suitable when the application is required to communicate with emails or other internet based services.

At RSK Business Solutions, London, our BlackBerry Application Development team is adept at providing both these types of application for BlackBerry phones. We ensure that our solutions are in sync with todays executives requirements and are able to empower clients with a smoother communication experience.

We value our partners and clients offering ongoing technical support for all our applications. Our BlackBerry Application Development team caters to businesses of all sizes and devise solutions that suit our clients individual requirements.

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