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Why Us?

Are you looking for reliable and specialist mobile application developer? RSK Business Solutions with it's competent in-house staff and state-of-the -art infrastructure offers low-cost and reliable offshore mobile software development services. With extensive experience in providing wide-ranging mobile application solutions, our in-house experts fully understand the criticality of the fast changing consumer behavior and end-users demand for performance and security. Our competency in creating enterprising, user-friendly mobile applications of all types and for all platforms enables partners to introduce reliable, capable, secure and highly sophisticated apps swiftly.

Mobile Application Development: Expertise Matters
The fast rising number of smartphone users has led to growing use of mobile application solutions as a part of the business strategy to exploit the commercial avenues available. Our rich experience in offshore mobile software development and ability to leverage technology with client requirements to create a customized mobile application. We focus on creating an application good enough for end-users, compatible to all handsets and operating systems, and beneficial for client interests.
Our offshore mobile software development considers the following points as the critical principles based on which an application is developed.

  • Creating a unique applications with the ability to draw popular attention
  • Focus on user-friendly features, including user interface and convenience
  • Consideration to energy consumption and charging sensitivity
  • Performance stability with minimum disk space
  • Downloading convenience and memory card interpolability
  • Compatible with all screen resolutions
  • USB, GPRS, Wi-Fi accessibility
  • Conformance and synchronization standards
  • Stress performance capability
  • Mobile application development for all platforms and operating systems
  • Focus on integration, scalability, and upgrade essentials
  • Better animations
  • Low cost and fast development
  • Comprehensive threat perception

Our focused approach and knowledge permit us develop mobile software high on design with superior performance and security, assuring the best possible user-experience. Positioned as a premier mobile application developer in London and offshore application services provider we boast strong proficiency in integrating latest technologies for audio-video streaming, gaming, augmented reality and near field communication features. We use a number of open source tools that bring down costs while improving compatibility.

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